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Gin & Juice Ice Pops

Shavise Glascoe

I have to completely get the fact that I can't say the name of these ice pops without completing the entire Gin & Juice song by Snoop Dogg. Although the song is a classic, it was not the inspiration for this cool 'adult' treat.

Cocktails and mixed drinks are fun and an essential part to surviving the stresses of "adulthood". Ok maybe not an essential part, but an enjoyable one. You combine that with summer heat and you get some pretty creative results.

Although, I am a flavor fanatic, flavor was not my inspiration. Gin & Juice ice pops are not only amazing, but they are also practical. During the dog days of summer, the idea of juggling plates and drinks while at a cookout wasn't my idea of fun. So why not turn that drink into an ice pop. You can get a buzz and cool off at the same time (lol).

Now there are a number of cocktails that I love, but I specifically selected Gin & Juice due to my obsession with all things local. For these ice pops, I went with Baltimore Shot Tower Gin and Gundalow Juice . And as an added bonus, I loaded these with fresh blackberries.


  • Baltimore Shot Tower Gin
  • Gundalow Juice (Harbor Voyage)
  • Blackberries (~1cup) (Or fruit of your choice)


1. Mix gin and juice. Not a bartender (lol)? No worries, check out this link for tips.

2. Add blackberries (1/2 cup) into ice pop molds.

3. Pour mixture on top of blackberries in ice pop molds. Add extra berries/fruit.

4. Insert ice pop sticks and freeze until firm (at least 8hrs or overnight)

Enjoy (Responsibly)