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Boozy Strawberry Ice Cream Float

Shavise Glascoe

If you haven't fully embraced the pumpkin spice explosion that is occurring in every supermarket nationwide and would rather hold on to these last few days of summer, this recipe is for you.

Like most of my recipes, I was inspired by a new find from one of my shopping trips. However, unlike finding a new spread, seasoning or topping, it was a draft that caught my attention.

While casually strolling around the neighborhood farmer's market, I discovered Great Shoals Winery. Who can pass up the wine vendor while at a farmer's market? I sure can't. Although their wines were great, I fell in love with their Berry Draft. One sip of this strawberry draft and "boozy floats" came to mind. I grabbed two bottles, purchased a ton of strawberries from the produce stand and raced home to create a masterpiece.



1. After selecting the size glass or mason jar of your choice add one scoop of ice cream.

2. Pour a good amount (totally up to you) of chilled Berry Draft.

3. Add a second scoop of ice cream

4. Top with Booze Thyme Cherries