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Chocolate Bacon S'mores

Shavise Glascoe

What happens when you marry bacon and chocolate together? Great things happen, but magic only occurs when you add this lovely pair to a S'MORE. Yes, a chocolate bacon s'more. Now this recipe is fairly simple, but the story behind this union is fairly complex.

I usually get inspired to make a dish when I come across THAT ingredient. 'THAT' ingredient, is the one item that sparks a rush of creative juices that eventually leads to a dish. Now that the "How does she come up with it" question is solved, time to finish up my story.  

This match made in heaven (well in my kitchen) all started with a marshmallow. No I was not at the super market and inspired by the jumbo bag marshmallows in the baking aisle, these beauties are different. Crafted by a local maker, Nikki Lewis of  Mallow Crunchies, these amazing 'Softies' (which are giant marshmallows). After driving over to her headquarters and snagging a bag of vanilla softies, I was set, for what, I had no clue.

Vanilla Softies.....AMAZING

Vanilla Softies.....AMAZING

It was only after purchasing a bag of marshmallows that I began to think S'MORE. Well with a great marshmallow, I couldn't resort to a basic chocolate bar, that would be a CRIME. So now enters my love Vosges Haut-Chocolat created by Katrina Markoff. Vosges was the very first brand of chocolate that I tried when I began my journey of chocolate exploration (if that is even a thing). Selecting a specific bar from her collection was tough, but I eventually settled with the Mo's Milk Bar. Not only is this a high quality bar of chocolate, but the BACON takes it to a whole new level.

And as you may have figured out by now, here comes the BACON. I decided to not settle with just the amount of bacon that was provided by the chocolate bar. I wanted more bacon (who doesn't). I wanted to really be able to call this a CHOCOLATE BACON S'MORE. So it is only logical to buy bacon and candy it. Now, please keep in mind I am a regular person and when I do things for the first time I follow a recipe. So for the Candied Bacon, I turned to Alex Guarnaschelli's recipe on the Food Network website.  


Now that we have all of our ingredients.....let's make a Chocolate Bacon S'more.

Ingredients (Makes about 12 S'mores)

1. Marshmallow Softies

(**Mallow-Crunchies is not longer in business, so feel free to try MitchMallows**)

2. Mo's Milk Bar (by Vosges Haut-Chocolat)

3. Graham Crackers

4. Candied Bacon (12 slices of bacon-about 1/4 inch thick, finely ground black pepper, 1/3 cup light brown sugar)


1. Prepare the Candied Bacon. Allow to slightly cool. Cut each slice of bacon in half.

2. Heat the marshmallow over an open flame until it starts to brown and melt

3. Break the graham cracker in half and sandwich the chocolate and bacon halves between the cracker and hot marshmallow.

4. Let the marshmallow cool before eating.