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Grilled Pineapple Chipotle Yogurt Parfait

Shavise Glascoe

I have a love-hate relationship with heat (both weather and spice related). I love and admire what spicy foods add to a dish and hate that I can't enjoy them. I have a tongue condition (not an allergy) that doesn't allow me to eat foods that are too acidic or spicy (and Lord, definitely not together). I'm leaving the description at that since this is a food blog and I don't want to scare you all too much with my health woes.

So back to my love-hate relationship. My love for spice inspires me to use it. No these dishes do not go to waste as my husband absolutely LOVES spice and heat (yes, he loves the intense summer heat-such a weirdo). Now adding peppers, Sriracha, or cayenne to the typical lunch or dinner dish is a given. But then I was inspired to try something different. The inspiration came from a local company, Infused Spreads.

I love trying new things and flirting with heat from time to time. So when I saw the Orange Chipotle Marmalade by Infused Spreads, I instantly knew what needed to happen next. I was looking for a good excuse to grill pineapple slices, and this paired with it perfectly. Why pineapple? Well adding more orange would be just too predictable and boring. I don't do boring. After checking the Flavor Bible to make sure my dream flavor pairings were good to go, I went for it.

I figured the best way to flirt with heat and still enjoy it would be to combine it with dairy to save myself from immense pain. Not in the mood for ice cream, I turned to yogurt. If you've seen my Poached Pear recipe you know that I have a thing for adding fruit spreads, jams, and butters to plain yogurt. I love being able to control how much sweetness I add to my yogurt. So with the stars aligning, the parfait pretty much made itself.


Flavors to Try

  • W/ pineapple: apricot, coconut, honey, raspberries, vanilla
  • W/orange marmalade: apricot, coconut, figs, plums, peaches, passion fruit
  • Not into yogurt? Try recipe with ice cream


  • Core, slice and prepare your pineapple for grilling. Williams-Sonoma has a great video on YouTube that goes over the coring and slicing process. I personally believe having an easy slicer on hand is the way to go.
  • Grill your pineapple slices (indoors, outdoors, George Foreman Grill -whatever it takes)
  • Mix marmalade with plain yogurt. The quantity of marmalade that goes into the yogurt is up to you. I like to add about 1-2 tbsp. (no more than that)
  • In a (small) empty bowl add a grilled pineapple slice, top with yogurt and repeat steps until the yogurt is gone.
  • Top with left over grilled pineapple slices and red pepper flakes (optional)
  • Enjoy!