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Local Finds

Infused Spreads

Shavise Glascoe


Infused Spreads, the edible masterpiece created by Emem Moody, is not a new local find for me. I first discovered her spreads a few years ago while on at Zeke's Coffee. At that time I was on an apple butter kick and decided to give this one a try. Of course it was the best decision of my apple butter loving life or else I wouldn't be blogging about it right now.

My excitement and near obsession with their apple butter led me to search for other products they made. Let's just say that I've had the privilege of tasting nearly every product with an Infused Spreads label on it (I plan on getting my hands on the few that I haven't tried yet). So why am I so into Infused Spreads?

5 Reasons why you need Infused Spreads in your pantry RIGHT NOW!

1. Originality: The flavor combinations embody everything that Flavor & Soul stands for. Bold, creative and unlike anything you will ever see (or taste) out there.

2. Quality: I've had a few balsamic reductions, marmalades and jams before, but none compare to the quality of Infused Spreads. The consistency and flavor profiles are beyond amazing.

3. Online Shopping: Don't live in the Baltimore area but still want to give Infused Spreads a try? Hop on their website and you are just a few clicks away from happiness.

4. Versatile: Don't limit spreads to just your morning toast. Add them to pastries, yogurt parfaits, burgers (yes there is one for that)......anything your heart desires. Really let your imagination run wild!

5. You will be a legend...........well sorta. Want to be the hero that saved Christmas dinner or the family cookout? Do you dream of being the master of brunch or best tea party host ever? Take your meals to the next level with Infused Spreads. It will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

You're Welcome!