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Local Finds

Haute Mess Kitchen

Shavise Glascoe


When you think of bbq sauce and dry rubs, Baltimore usually isn't the first thing that comes to mind for most people. But I must let you know that you might want to change your mind on this matter. I came across Haute Mess Kitchen during a typical grocery run at the Green Onion Market.

Between the name Haute Mess Kitchen and Bourbon Bath, I was sold. I had to try the whiskey infused bbq sauce. (Don't we all?) Although I do love to make my own sauces, I wanted to give this a try and possibly add it to my list of go tos when in a pinch. With a bottle of bbq sauce in my hand, I also spotted their Island-Inspired Dry Rub....SOLD.

Surprisingly, I find it a little challenging to describe the complex flavor profiles products. Perfectly crafted, I would deem Haute Mess Kitchen products as edible works of art. If you love flavor and love it bold, Haute Mess Kitchen is a must try.

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