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Relay Foods

Shavise Glascoe

I love all aspects of food. I love eating it, cooking it, writing about it and SHOPPING for it! The joy that I get when shopping at a farmer's market or specialty food store is that of a teenage girl at the mall with a purse full of birthday money and gift cards. I love it (which to some is odd). I know a few people who absolutely dread the trip to the supermarket. Although I consider going to the supermarket a delightful outing most of the time, it can be a little time consuming especially if multiple stores are involved.  

A self-proclaimed "supermarket snob" (if that is even a thing), I used to look down on people who would grocery shop online. How could you buy anything that you were planning to eat without first touching or smelling it? Are you just supposed to trust that the grocery store will give you good products? Little did I know that a company by the name of Relay Foods would not only answer those questions, but would change how I shopped for food forever.

At a local event I noticed that there was a vendor passing out food samples. Of course I couldn't skip out on a free food sample. (I love free samples just as much as grocery shopping, but again who doesn't like free food?). Chocolate in hand, I decided to chat it up with the rep to learn more about her company, Relay Foods. It was at this moment that my perception of shopping for groceries online changed.

The run down as to why Relay Foods is a must try for everyone located in the DMV:

  1. Grocery store designed with health in mind.
  2. High quality products
  3. The produce share options are fantastic
  4. You can either pick up your purchase or have it delivered to your doorstep
  5. Reasonable prices (so this isn't just a luxury for the rich and famous)
  6. The site is very easy to navigate (yep, friendly to those who aren't so tech savvy)
  7. Customer support goes beyond a help line. They provide nutrition guidance, recipes and meal plans.
  8. Want to try a recipe? No problem, with one simple click all of the ingredients go straight to your cart
  9. The searching experience is a pleasant one. You can browse the aisles, sales section or even by special diet (i.e. vegan, Paleo)
  10. The local love is real! Not only do many of the products they offer come from local businesses, but you can also see exactly where some of your produce, meat and dairy choices are coming from. (yes, exact map location)

And the list goes on. After shopping with Relay Foods a few times I was sold. A number of the recipes that you see on this blog are made with products from their store. I do go to physical stores for certain items or just to have a little me time (which if you are a mother, you will understand how this classifies as me time). If you hate grocery shopping, have a busy lifestyle, want to try healthy/easy to make recipes, love to support local businesses or simply want to try something new, Relay Foods is for you.