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Gundalow Juice

Shavise Glascoe

Flavor and Soul is a labor of love, a hobby that I am very passionate about. In other words, this is NOT my day job. During the day I am actually an Exercise Physiologist and lecture at a local university (yes, 2 jobs). With that being said, you can say that I am health conscious and pretty busy. My love of fitness and healthy living ultimately led me to go down that career path. It wasn't until later that I found my passion for food. Some call me a "fit foodie", which is a lot nicer than being called a "health nut".

For a while I tried to keep Flavor and Soul and my career separate. I didn't want this blog to be another super healthy, nutrition crazed site. I wanted the creative freedom to make a kale salad one day and a double cheeseburger the next. But who am I kidding? Most of my day to day food choices are in fact healthy (with room for super flavorful, sometimes fattening fun).

So what does my personal career choice have to do with Gundalow Juice? Everything! I probably wouldn't have found out about this company when I did if it weren't for my being in the health and fitness world. 

As a 'fit foodie' and a busy mother, I am constantly in search of healthy meal/snack/drink options that are both delicious and convenient. Over the years, I've mastered meal prepping and had a fairly extensive list of healthy snacks to choose from, but I constantly had issues with getting enough fruits and veggies into my diet when I wasn't at home. I've done fruit cups and some juices, but that grew old very fast. Then there were the cold press juices. From a health standpoint, I loved it. Who wouldn't love a juice that wasn't filled with anything other than fruits and vegetables? Well although the concept was great, the size and cost wasn't. Also, I found it almost impossible to finish an entire bottle while at work, so I gave up.

It wasn't until recently that I began to see posts about Gundalow Juice on social media that I thought about cold press juices again. I first noticed Gundalow Juice on social media back in 2014 (before I was really into cold press juices) when they were just about to launch via a friend. I was familiar with the product before trying.

So why Gundalow Juice? Here's why:

  1. Baltimore based company (but available online)
  2. Realistic serving size (I can finish a bottle with my lunch at work)
  3. Great mission (#sailwindward)
  4. Creative flavor options and of course it is delicious
  5. The ingredients are on the front of the label, plain as day
  6. Great pricing (no more $12 bottles for those other companies)
  7. The founder, Dana is pretty freaking awesome. (I got to meet with her it is was a blast)

Gundalow Juice is indeed a must try. I will be accepting thank you notes and messages once you have tasted the goodness of this juice (haha).

You Are Very Welcome!