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Local Finds

Open Eyes Press

Shavise Glascoe

Although I'm a food blogger and tend to focus on recipes and small batch edible products, it would be a crime not to include the amazing home goods brands that I've come across along the way. Between cooking, holiday entertaining and photoshoot prepping, I am almost always on the hunt for the perfect serving dish, glassware or tea towel.

While in the middle of a search, I discovered Open Eyes Press, a vintage inspired home textile company (who also happens to be based out of Baltimore). I would have to be completely honest in saying that it was love at first sight. There is just something about vintage, it speaks to me.

Now outside of the eye catching prints, a few other things jumped out at me. The main one being....QUALITY. There are of ton of brands and products out there, but there is something about a product of high quality. Rachael (the creator of Open Eyes Press), not only designs the prints, but does everything else as well. Yes, she is behind the screen printing, ironing, folding and packaging of each and every towel. Now that is love and passion! The level of pride that goes into this product is simply amazing.

With this blog, I strongly believe in sharing only the best brands and products with you all because you deserve it. Order a tea towel or print from Open Eyes Press today!

-You're Welcome!