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Local Finds

Zeke's Coffee

Shavise Glascoe


As a busy mom and working professional, I have a love/need relationship with coffee. I love the taste, aroma, varieties and I need it to survive and to be a better person. I also love and appreciate good coffee that is super easy to get my hands on. Easy as in they are down the street and around the corner from my home.

Although convenient, the convenience is not why I love Zeke's Coffee. One absolutely amazing thing about having a small batch roastery in your neighborhood is that the entire block smells like coffee first thing in the morning (and sometimes randomly throughout the day). And boy does the flavor and quality NOT disappoint. One cup and I was hooked.

In being a few minutes (literally a few minutes) away from my home, Zeke's Coffee was one of the first local businesses that I discovered when I first started my culinary adventure here in Baltimore. With that being said, Zeke's will forever hold a  special spot in my coffee loving heart. If you are here in Baltimore and have yet to be Fueled by Zeke's, be sure to do so soon and very soon. You definitely won't regret it.