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Local Finds

Jinji Chocolate

Shavise Glascoe

Like any other woman out there, I LOVE (and adore and cherish) CHOCOLATE. But after years of binging on the chocolate that you find in any checkout lane, I grew tired of it. I was over the same old flavors and brands. After hitting that taste bud wall, I began to seek out more exotic forms of chocolate. I needed more flavor profile options and better quality. I was successful in finding a few brands that I still love to date. But then there was Jinji Chocolate!

Old Bay Pralines with salted celery garnish

Old Bay Pralines with salted celery garnish

One minute I'm in the Belvedere Square Market minding my own business and the next I end up at this glass case filled with beautiful pralines. I'm pretty sure the guy working there thought I was a crazy woman. (Yeah, crazy about chocolate!!) Well, I chat it up with him for a little while and purchase a few pralines that sounded pretty cool. I get home, I kick up my heels and take a bite and BOOM, magic happens. I've never had something so flavorful, so well crafted and wonderful come from such a small piece of chocolate.

Now, I'm sure that we've all had some good chocolate in our lives, but how about guilt free, totally healthy chocolate? Yes, I can't mention Jinji without mentioning that they produce raw, organic, unrefined chocolate. Don't believe me? Go check them out and be amazed.

You're Welcome!