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Local Finds

Hex Ferments

Shavise Glascoe

When I first moved to Baltimore, I became obsessed with exploring everything BALTIMORE. From crabs to UTZ chips to putting OLD BAY on everything, I was fully committed to the cause. In my adventures I noticed that there was another thing that the locals here couldn't get enough of, SAUERKRAUT! I mean they always find a way to put sauerkraut on any menu, in any dish and for anytime of the year.

Along with being new to the city, I was also newly married to a Baltimore man, which means his mother is a Baltimore woman, which means you better bring some Sauerkraut to the holiday dinner. With that now on my shopping list, I looked around and decided that I wanted to go high end with my Sauerkraut and blow people's minds (I guess that's something you care about when you're first married).

I passed by Hex Ferments while on one of my regular trips to the Belvedere Square Market and decided to give them a try. I wish I could tell you that I got the Sauerkraut and the dinner went great, but the only thing true about that statement would be the great dinner. I kind of, sort of, got distracted by EVERYTHING else they had to offer. Yes, that same distraction you experience while shopping at Target. You have one thing on your list and get everything BUT that one thing.

First on the list: Butterfly Lime Kombucha. Can I just say WOW. Not only is this a beauty to look at, but it is also delicious and good for you. One small sample of that and I was locked in. The next thing to catch my eye was their Okra Pickles. Yes, a crisp okra pickle does exist in this world and it is absolutely wonderful. After a few more delicious samples I then realized that they would have me as a customer for life (well as long as I am here in Baltimore, which is looking like for life).

By the way, their sauerkraut, which I did not try until later, is amazing! Go check them out today!

You're Welcome!