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Dogfish Head

Shavise Glascoe


Well hello there! Happy New Year (if we’re still doing that, lol). Ok, before I even BEGIN to start this post, I know that I have a LOT of explaining to do. Yes, I skipped a year of blogging, but I do have a solid excuse and good story (well depends on how you spin it). So most of us like to enjoy a nice (alcoholic) beverage after a long, stressful day at work. Yes, WORK! That’s my excuse. In 2017, I landed a new job and although very demanding it was an opportunity that I absolutely couldn’t walk away from. I walked into a new job and temporarily from my precious blog. Now that you are up to speed and oh so sympathetic to my new demanding lifestyle, let’s move on to more important things…….beer.


I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who thought 2018 went by rather quickly. Although swift, last year came with pretty significant moments for me as a foodie. Prior to 2018, I was NOT a beer fan in the slightest. I was pretty sure that beer was the absolute WORST drink out there and that those who consumed it were only braving its horrendous taste to look cool. Now keep in mind I developed this lousy thesis based on my college experiences with cheap, low-budget beer.

I will have to say that in less than a year I went from gagging at the thought of a cold brew to being a slightly obsessed fan of the oh so beloved beverage. So what brought on the transformation? Peer pressure. I’m not one to back down from a challenge and after reconnecting with an old friend who thought I would back down, I took on the challenge of adapting my taste buds head on.

Walking into my local Total Wine & More with a pep in my step and a bit of determination, I grabbed the nearest clerk (because as a rookie I needed all the help I could get) and my first bottle of craft beer. The clerk placed a bottle of beer by Dogfish Head in my hand and said that would be a good place for me to start. My new found love of all things beer started with a bottle of Midas Touch. Although I am now deeper into my journey of exploring beer, I had to craft a love letter to Dogfish Head.

I won’t pretend to talk like a craft beer snob or know-it-all, because I’m not. I’m still new to this whole beer world and now that I’ve experienced a wider variety of beer, my appreciation for this brewery has only grown. To be as to the point as I can (in an already long post)…they rock! They take risks, dare to be different and will blow your mind. The level of genius and creativity that they put into each variety is absolutely astonishing. As an advocate and fan of all things FLAVOR, they definitely hit all of the points and have won me over. If you are a lover of beer, bored of the same old variety, I strongly recommend you check out what’s new at Dogfish Head!

So cheers to the New Year and go grab a beer!

You’re Welcome!