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F&S Favorites

Six Pack Bags

Shavise Glascoe

When you are a lover of food and a fitness expert, you have to find ways to lessen the strain of effectively maintaining your double life. Discovering 6 Pack Bags has allowed me to finally do that.

Now there are a number of reasons why I love these bags. As a person who meal preps, (and has prepped meals years before this was even a 'thing') I always hated trying to fit all of my containers and snacks into my lunch bag (if it would fit at all). I also hated the constant stress of hoping my food would stay cold during errands if I couldn't make it to a fridge right away. It was a struggle to say nonetheless. So why am I in love with a lunch bag? Here are my 6 reasons why.

1. Effortless organizing: It keeps me organized without any conscious effort on my part. There is a place for everything. Containers in the middle and extra space on the sides for additional snacks, drinks, whatever.

2. The chill factor: Not only is the entire bag insulated, it also comes with gel packs that you can freeze. Yes, it has the ability to keep food cold for at least 8 hours.

3. The starter pack: When I first opened the bag and realized that there were (BPA Free, microwaveable) containers inside to get me started really made my day. You can always visit their site to purchase more if you'd like.

4. Style variety: Now when shopping for this product in stores you will run into some monotony when it comes to style. But when you venture onto their site, you will see a whole new world. Not only are there a number of sizes available, but there are also a number of styles to choose from. From backpacks and duffle bags to briefcases and purses, they have it all.

5. Do what you want: Yes, the bags come with containers and slots for those containers, BUT you don't have to follow that method all of the time. The rack that holds the slots comes out. This means you can do without containers of that specific size, you can put other items in the bag that you would like to keep cool. The choice is yours.

6. Quality: I am a huge proponent for "You Get What You Pay For". I've tried cheaper options and they always failed. From horrible materials, limiting containers, and overall functionality issues, I've done it all. I will say that so far 6 Pack Bags has been the premier brand that I've dealt with so far.

And there you have it. Whether you're a super mom, business executive, or gym rat, 6 Pack Bags has something for everyone. A definite must try. You're Welcome.