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Hello there! I'm Shavise, the creator of this blog, Flavor and Soul. Glad you could stop by for a spell.

Me and my little man Isaac

Me and my little man Isaac

Flavor and Soul is the end product of a simple conversation between my boyfriend (now husband, Will) and I years ago. A few years ago I was the Plain Jane of food, I always played it safe in the kitchen and when dining out. I would cook the same foods, order the same meals, consistently. To make it plain, I was BORING (in a culinary sense). Well this pattern led to Will saying "Shavise, you eat the same stuff over and over. Why don't you try something new for a change?"

Little did we know that small comment would spark a full out culinary journey for me. It got off to a slow start, but a start none the less. I stepped out of my comfort zone, ingredient by ingredient, meal by meal and fell in LOVE with food. Fast forward to today, my love has turned into an obsession and well of course now a blog.

My hope for this blog (other than to serve as a creative outlet for me) is to inspire and encourage others to take risks in the kitchen, eat something new and tap into their inner chef. You do not have to be perfect to make a great meal for yourself or others. If I can do it, so can you!  I'm a busy wife, mother, working professional and home cook. I'm not a chef, I'm not an expert, I'm just a lover of food and with every dish I give you Flavor & Soul.

My family and recipe testers!

My family and recipe testers!


How F&S Works


I love bold, in your face, FLAVORS. I'm not talking about drowning your food in sugar and salt, but exploring other flavor profiles and pairings. The food that you see here on F&S is a combination of my own creations, family recipes, and my take on great recipes that I've stumbled upon over the years.

Flavors to Try

A good number of the recipes will have a special section called 'Flavors to Try' at the end. This list is specifically designed with you in mind. Everyone is different and we all have different preferences and well... taste buds. With that comes the list of additional flavors that would go well with the recipe. Do not be afraid to make it your own!

Local Finds

Although I'm a Midwest girl at heart, my current home is Baltimore, MD. Since moving here, I've come across some great restaurants, cafés and products that I just have to share with others. Some items will be featured in recipes and others will be highlighted in this section.

F&S Favorites

A combination of my favorite products, books, eateries and more.

Thank You

Again, thank you for stopping by my blog. Please feel free to send me a note or leave a comment on a recipe. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.